15.YCCF 2017

Youth Color Climbing Festival – Imst/Tirol 2017 for young climber over the world !


Date: 03th – 04th June 2017
Place: Kletterzentrum Imst
Organisation: AV Imst Oberland
Leader of the competition : Andy Knabl
Who can participate?: category “children” (2006/2007) and category “pupil 1“ (2004/2005) only parents/coach/federation are allowed to registrate (After 60 competitor registration will be closed for this category). Each competitor need his own certified climbing equipment!


BUT: NOT MORE THEN 60 competitor per category! At registration they must show their passport!


Friday, 02th June 2017:

5 p.m to 8 p.m: Registration in the Sportcafe Susi/Kletterzentrum Imst
Saturday, 03th June 2017:

08.00 a.m.: Climbing gym will be open
09.00 a.m.: competition start – all details depends of the number of
registrated athlets – each competitor has to climb a lot of routes
01.00 – 02.00 p.m. : break on the wall – no climbing
07.00 p.m.: Climbing gym and the outdoor wall will be closed
07.30 p.m.: result list in the sportcafe susi
Sunday, 04thJune 2017:

08.00 a.m.: Climbing gym will be open
08.45 a.m.: Forerunning of the routes (outdoor/indoor)
09.00 a.m – 2.00 p.m.: Start of the second part of the competition
Final of the twenty best climber on 2 routes in each category.
03.00 p.m.: Trophies or super final (on sight) – if necessary

No announcement possible after 31th May !

www.austriaclimbing.com –> Kalender – Ergebnisse


On Saturday all climbers must be belayed by their own belayer (trainer, parents, friends,…).


Start fees:  – to pay at the registration desk € 20,00
Prices: Material prizes
End of announcement: 31th May 2017
Registration: www.austriaclimbing.com –> Kalender-Ergebnisse
Information:  e- mail: andy@klettern-imst.com


Children: Top Rope
Pubil 1: Lead

Saturday | 6 routes / Jam Format. No starting order. (maybe a starting order for the first climbers for each
route) There are colour routes. Only the holds with the correct colour can be used by the climber (example:
red route – only red holds and footholds). The structures on the wall can be used,when they have the color
or a hold with the correct color is on it. Every route has to be climbed in only one attempt! It´s possible to
watch other climbers (flash). No forerunner on saturday, on sunday routes will only be climbed by the forerunner
once! The number of the holds will be added. There are no „+“ or „-„ ! Only the last held grip will be
counted. The best twenty climber in each category from saturday are in final on sunday.
If one climber have problems with colours, please send us an email with the confirmation of a medical
On Saturday all climbers must be belayed by their own belayer (trainer, parents, friends,…).


The ropes are ready in front of the routes.
Judges take care of the result!

Sunday | Final of the twenty best climber on 2 routes in each category.
There will be a starting order for each route on sunday! The final on sunday will be belayed by our belayer!

Startinglist / result : www.austriaclimbing.com–> Kalender – Ergebnisse





Kletterzentrum Imst
Knabl Andreas
Am Raun 25, 6460 Imst


Tel.: 05412/626522
Tel.: 0650/6451400


ÖAV Sportkletterreferat Imst
Knabl Helmut & Andy


Andy: 0650/6451400
Helli: 0650/8886451
Fax: 05412/64514


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