Internationales Paraclimbing Event 2018



When: Saturday 07th and Sunday , 08th July 2018
Where: Kletterzentrum Imst / Sportzentrum Imst
Organisation: ÖAV Imst Oberland / Andy Knabl: andy@klettern-imst.com
Result Service: Egon Egger and KVÖ Result Service


–>Internationales Paraclimbing Event 2018



Timetable Paraclimbing Event 2018


Saturday, July 07th

08:00 – 08:30 Registration in the Sportcafe Susi (Kletterhalle Imst)
For the registration on Saturday, July 09th , it is necessary for all team
manager to show the passports.
08:30 Technical meeting in the seminar room of the sportcenter; from parking
area left part 1st floor
immediately after medical diagnosis
12:00 climbing hall open for warm up
13:30 Demonstration of the routes
14:00 Start of the competition 3 routes per category, flash, we don´t have „+“,
we count only the hold. The number of the holds will be added.
Each climber has to climb all routes
Sunday, July 08h 9:30

3 routes per category
12:00 award ceremony

This timetable is only provisional and subject to change any time by the organisers. Final timings will be confirmed at the technical meeting.

B1 Total Blind | B2 Vision less than 5% | B3 Vision less 5% -20% | Amputee – leg | Amputee – arm
Neurological physical disability (NPD) | Seating
The correction factor will be used to create 2 categories:
Neurological physical disability is divided into 2 categories with the
Category A with a coefficient less or equal to 1.4
Category B with coefficient greater than 1.4
If we have to much athletes in one category (A or B), the chief judge can decide to change the limit of
The medical diagnosis of each participant should be written in the NF Application Form, together with
a doctor’s signature and seal. For NPD the disability will be evaluated during the preliminary visit by a
doctor for the application of the correction factor.

The IPE-I 2018 will take place in Imst/Tirol/Austria from 07th July – 08th July 2018, Top Rope only.
The six rounds will take place based on flash modus for female und male (ranking system).
The IPE-I is organised by the ÖAV Imst Oberland, 6 routes per category, flash, we don´t have „+“, we count only the

1. Organisation
The competition is organised by the
Alpenverein Imst-Oberland (AV Imst-Oberland) / Sportkletterreferat
A-6460 Imst, Langgasse 104; phone and fax: 0043 5412 64514
e-mail: andy@klettern-imst.com


2. Participation / Team quotas
No quotas

3. Registration
Please send a list of your Climbers & Team Officials (manager, coaches, medical, assistant), including mobile phone
number of the Team Manager.
Those competitors whose federation has not applied for a 2018 International Licence will not be allowed to compete.
For the registration on Saturday, July 07th , it is necessary for all team manager to show the passports or ID-cards
(lnternational licence!) of the competitors.

registrate online: http://www.ifsc-climbing.org/egroupeware

4. Deadline for registration
Not later than Monday, 02th July, 2018

5. Registration fees
No entry fee for the IPE- I competition in Imst.

6. Accomodation
Imst Tourismus A-6460 Imst, Johannesplatz 4A
phone 0043 5412 6910-0, fax 0043 5412 6910 – 8, email: info@imst.at or www.imst.at

7. Competition Venue
The competition will be held at the Kletterzentrum Imst (Outdoor), Am Raun 25, Sport Zentrum Imst.

8. Prices
Trophies for the 3 best climbers and material prices



Kletterzentrum Imst
Knabl Andreas
Am Raun 25, 6460 Imst


Tel.: 05412/626522
Tel.: 0650/6451400


ÖAV Sportkletterreferat Imst
Knabl Helmut & Andy


Andy: 0650/6451400
Helli: 0650/8886451
Fax: 05412/64514


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